Saturday, December 27, 2014

Arizona Quitclaim Deeds

A quitclaim deed is a simple document that releases or "quits" one's interest in a piece of real property. This type of deed does not make and specifically disclaims any warranties or representations to the Property.

Arizona Legal Document Services, L.L.C. charges $115 for Quitclaim Deeds. Our package price includes the recording fee. As part of the package, we prepare and record your deed with the appropriate county recorder. 

Our Quitclaim Deeds are prepared by experienced paralegals who are certified by the Arizona Supreme Court as legal document preparers. The designated principal and co-owner Kellie DiCarlo has over 23 years legal experience. 

You may contact us at 480-307-9306 or 602-595-7478 or visit our website We are located in Downtown Mesa at 101 W. Main St., Mesa, Arizona 85201 in the historic One Oh One Building and also in Downtown Phoenix at 112 N. Central Ave., Suite 450, Phoenix, Arizona 85004 in the historic Heard Building.